Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guest Assurance Is Important, Especially For International Travelers

When we make reservations at a hotel like the Bellagio or Venetian, we know that we're going to be taken care of well on arrival. Things will be just as we expect them to be, and everything will be as advertised. And these are reasonable expectations, and in fact they are exactly what will happen to the vast majority of guests at those places. But vacation home rentals are not the Bellagio or the Venetian, and the typical rental is not operated to those standards.

That's where we are different than most vacation rental companies in Las Vegas. We run our homes with the utmost of professionalism and attention to detail. We aren't trying to the like the Venetian, but we want our guests to feel confident and relaxed in knowing that we are doing our best to provide the good service they expect. We want our guests to enjoy their stay and not give a second thought to the home, the same way they don't give a second thought to their hotel room.

We love what we do for a living. Being in the vacation and travel business in Las Vegas is truly a fun job. People come from all over the world to visit us in Las Vegas. To many people it is like visiting the Land of Oz.

We want our customers to rave about our town and to rave about their vacation home. This is our primary goal all the time, including when it is not in our favor. We're looking for long term success, not short term gain.

We often rant about other companies in this blog. And it's true, we don't think they take this business as seriously as we do. But that's only because the evidence is all over the place, and we know that companies tend to act the way the act, good or bad, as a pattern. If they misrepresent up front, they're going to misrepresent ongoing. Whether it's calling their P.O. Box an "office" or trying to tell you that BBB accreditation a "liability", that's just the way it is. They hide from the truth and we hope you don't fall for it.

As always, be careful when you choose who to book a vacation home with. And if you are traveling internationally, there is no need to ruin your global travel when good and reliable Las Vegas holiday villas are available. Be extra careful to check the easy to find Internet references first.

Travel safely and have fun!

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