Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Official - Our New Office Has Its Sign!

After many months of waiting and working our way through all the various agencies that have a say so in Clark County, we finally have a bran dnew store front sign! We went with the back-lit look in order to match the Piazza Plaza style, but maintained our own clean look with blue and white color tones in our logo.

Okay, so there are a million signs in the world. But this one is ours and the only one of it's kind. Anyway, we hope you approve and we hope this will help our customers know they are working with actual people, and not just some cold lifeless website!

We hope you approve, and should you ever decide to drop in and say hello, you'll know right where to find us!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bogus Awards Touting Bogus Quality

One thing we've noticed in shopping the competition is how many of them like to post awards on their websites as a way to communicate how great they must be. The problem is, the awards are completely bogus and made up. Not only didn't they win any awards, the agencies they site don't even exist to give the awards away in the first place. In other words, the entire presentation is a complete lie.

We don't blame them, even though they are telling an outright lie. Las Vegas Retreats reputation is tough to compete with. A little research shows that we are the only BBB Accredited company in Las Vegas. A little deduction would tell you that if these "awards" actually meant anything, they would be reflected in the BBB profiles of these same companies. Instead, looking at the BBB usually turns up the "F" and "NR" ratings they typically have across the board.

Many companies assume that you wont check, so they just say whatever they want. For the most part, they are right. Nobody checks. But you are not dealing with the Bellagio or the Wynn Hotels here. These companies sometimes are nothing more than a website and a few pictures of homes. The primary goal is to get your money, and if lying is what it takes, then that is what they will do.

One easy way to tell if an award is real or not is to see if is linked to the award website. If it linked, then it will usually show a profile page for the company receiving the award and why. If not, well then, it's probably a bunch of hooey. Or as we like to call it, lying.

Casa Del Barco Gets A Makeover

In a quiet setting only moments from the Las Vegas Strip, Casa Del Barco has been a favorite at Las Vegas Rertreats ever since we added it to our inventory.

Customers love Casa Del Barco's location, barely 5 minutes from McCarran airport and easy access to attractions in Green Valley as well.

This home has always offered exceptional value and convenience. Now that this wonderful home has been remodeled and modernized, we have little doubt that it will be more popular than ever.

Casa Del Barco offers 4 bedrooms on a single level, televisions in every bedroom, and 2 completely remodeled bathrooms. Opening to the game room and dining, and extending directly into the family room area, the home lends an airy and wide open feeling. In the back yard you will find a beautiful free-form pool and spa, as well as a covered patio extending the entire width of the home, leaving plenty of room for everyone.

Be sure to stop by our website and see more of this beautiful home. Las Vegas vacation rentals like Casa Del Barco are rare. Consider booking this excellent value for your next visit!