Monday, May 16, 2011

We're Putting Relaxation Back Into Vacations

Remember when going on vacation meant taking a little time off for rest and relaxation? It seems something has happened to change the meaning of the word vacation. These days we end up coming back to work needing a rest from the vacation we just had. We spend so much time going and doing and not enough time just kicking back and enjoying what is already in front of us.

Now Las Vegas is not the kind of place that helps with this problem. The casino hotels along the Strip have done everything they can to get you back out of your room. And the reasons are obvious. If you are in your hotel room, then you are probably not spending money. The hotel needs a constant stream of customers in the restaurants, gamblers at the slot machines, and people out at the pool renting cabanas and buying drinks. They cannot survive with it, so they concentrate everything towards getting it to happen.

Now contrast that with a stay in a Las Vegas vacation home rental. Las Vegas Retreats homes are intended to give you a home-like environment away from home. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy yourself at the home and to go out end enjoy the best of Las Vegas as well. There is no sacrificing with our homes, because you will be able to enjoy your own pool and spa, your own food and drink, and your own entertainment right at the house. Then later on when everybody is ready for an outing, you have the best of the Las Vegas Stip only moments away.

We've said it many times, and it is still true to this day. Most of our customers prefer a Las Vegas Retreats vacation rental home to a hotel room stay any time. Once customers have tried staying in our vacation home rentals in Las Vegas they seldom want to return to a hotel room. There is just no comparison!