Monday, January 31, 2011

BBB Accreditation is Cheap But Hard To Get

Have you ever heard the old saying "Winning isn't everything"? You know who says that? Losers. That's what you hear when companies can't get BBB Accreditation. They'll tell you it's expensive and that they would just have to raise their rates to cover the cost. What baloney!

The truth is that BBB Accreditation is practically free. Even the smallest of companies can afford it. It costs about the same as the P.O. Box those companies refer to as their "office". However, your company has to qualify for it. And that's where the real reason they are not accredited. In fact the BBB generally gives those same companies an "F" rating as well.

If you watch our blog, you know that the same companies who put forth these bogus reasons for not being accredited also have a string of complaints against them. The truth is, running an honest business is not an accident. We've seen lots of these companies come and go since we're been around. The lies are nothing new, though it does surprise is sometimes with how blatant they really are.

Las Vegas Retreats is a real company with a real reputation and real offices, right on the Las Vegas Strip. We invite you to come by any time and visit. We'll be happy to introduce you to the staff who will be assisting you with your reservation, and the customer service crew who will be ready to help during your stay. And maybe if you're lucky, you can also meet the cleaning crew and pool team and the home technicians. These are the people who see to it that your vacation rental is ready and waiting when you arrive.

We do not consider our team to be a luxury. A quality experience doesn't just magically create itself. It takes real dedication and caring for the customer. We struggle to see how anyone can expect a company to act that way when their entire premise begins with a big fat lie. Choose wisely and do your research friends.

Happy Travels!

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