Monday, December 31, 2012

WSOP Housing - Renting Homes for World Series of Poker Lodging

Here it comes! The rush to book the best available homes for WSOP is about to get underway. If you're one of the many thousands of participants coming to Las Vegas for the annual World Series of Poker, then you are probably also one of the potential customers for a home to rent for WSOP. Fear not! We are here to help. Below you will find some of the best ways to secure of good home for the tournament, and some of the really poor ways to get a "good" deal.

What If I Don't Mention WSOP?

Las Vegas is a place where deal making is king. Probably nowhere else in the world, except maybe Hong Kong and Wall Street, has the art of negotiation been mastered as it has in Vegas. So keep that in mind when you come looking for a nice home to rent for WSOP. Owners and vacation rental management companies know well and good that the tournament is the big money making period of the year. Don't expect to hoodwink any naive owners to get a low price. It's not going to happen. They know very well why you are calling about a six week booking that starts June 1st. You'll be one of many calls they get exactly the same dates. See what we mean? Be realistic with your expectations and don't start off your search assuming we wont know why you are calling.

Where Should I Rent A Home For WSOP?

As usual, the World Series of Poker is going to be held at the Rio Casino Hotel. You will want to rent a home for WSOP that is as close to the Rio as possible. The best choices are going to put you within 10 to 15 minutes of the event. The worse choices will put you as far as 45 minutes away depending on the day of the week. Remember, you are here for about 6 weeks. We recommend homes in Southern Highlands, Green Valley and Henderson as well as Summerlin and Spring Valley on the west side. All of those areas are either close to begin with or have great access to the event via major highways and boulevards.

How Much Should I Pay For Good WSOP Lodging?

The answer to that question is really up to you. There is a great list of homes to rent for WSOP on our website that already includes everything in the prices. You can see up front what you will pay for your rental, how far the home is from the tournament, the size of the home, the capacity and number of bedrooms. You can also preview each home on our website and book directly by calling when you are ready. All rentals for WSOP housing must be booked over the phone due popularity of the period and demand for homes  We expect a complete sell out as usual.

Good luck in your search. Visit us and call today to make the whole thing easy!

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