Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secret Las Vegas Adventures Not On The Strip

So there you are sitting in your vacation home, contemplating yet another visit to the veritable Las Vegas Strip. Perhaps you're thinking you would like to find some secret haunt that only the locals know about? Maybe a club or restaurant that caters primarily to the hometown crowd? Well my friend, here is a secret that almost all the locals know, Las Vegas best kept secrets are not on the Strip at all. That isn't to say that there aren't some excellent finds there, but locals aren't going to brave the traffic and congestion every time they want to visit their favorite place.

Now here's the good news, they are not that far from where you are. If you're in a vacation home rental in Las Vegas then you can certainly get to them easily and enjoy something a little different and a little more secret than the Hard Rock Hotel. Many of them are located close to the Strip, maybe just a couple blocks away. And since Las Vegas is generally laid out in a grid pattern, getting to many places wont involve navigating a huge and confusing maze of twists and turns. Las Vegas is not New Delhi.

If you want a little adventure, not too far off the beaten path? Try Red Rock Canyon on the west side of the Las Vegas Valley. Just take Hwy 215 west, exit on Charleston Blvd and make a left turn to drive up to the Canyon and entrance to the park. This one is well worth the effort and a perfect family outing. How about an excellent Las Vegas dinner served in the traditional Las Vegas way? You know, outstanding food and service? Remember that?

If you would like to experience the glory days of Las Vegas customer service and quality, be sure to try Panevino. Located just a half mile off the Las Vegas Strip at Sunset Rd and Gilespie, Panevino's has been around forever and has a local's favorite the entire time. Great Italian fare, a tremendous wine selection, and great service is what Panevino offers, and they do it better than almost anyone in town.

Perhaps you would like to try something a little more spicy? Something exotic and unusual? How about the best Thai food you've probably ever had? If something incredibly fresh and home made tasting is what you have in mind, there can be no other recommendation than the Lotus of Siam. This is probably the best Thai food we have every tasted anywhere!

Located on Sahara, east of the Strip about a mile, is a very large strip mall called "Commercial Center" that does not look at all like the place one would expect to find an excellent restaurant. But if you make a quick right turn into the mall and then another quick right inside, you will find the Lotus of Siam just a couple stores down.

There are literally dozens and great recommendations for what to do and where to go away from the Strip. Las Vegas Retreats is always happy to share the local secrets with any of our customers! We can recommend almost anything you might want to do, and maybe some things you haven't thought of. Give us a call any time!

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