Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check The Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau

We frequently check to see how well our competition is doing. Not only to make sure we are giving our customers a good deal, but also to see how well they are taking care of their customers. To find Las Vegas vacation rental complaints, we use the Better Business Bureau website and do a quick search to see who is listed and how the BBB rates their reliability.

There are two primary ways to get listed at the BBB. One is to call and sign-up. The other is because somebody complained about your business. The listings shown in this picture illustrate the difference between the two very well. Our listing is blue because we are Accredited Members of the BBB. The other listing is not a member.

Many companies wont commit to the level of service required for BBB accreditation. Their profiles on the BBB website, if they have one at all, usually reflect their lack of commitment to customer service, as illustrated by their ratings. This is the primary reason the BBB exists at all, to help steer consumers towards legitimate and reliable vendors. If you are not one, then you wont want to participate. It's that simple.

It is not hard to find Las Vegas vacation rental complaints. One of the dilemmas we face in Las Vegas as a legitimate business is that there are a lot of individuals and companies who are willing to do anything to get someone's money. Constantly presenting themselves as something they are not.

One local company reminds visitors on its website of how important in is to deal with a honest company. Then they proceed to refer to a post office box as their office. Don't you wonder what kind of vacation home you can rent from someone who can't tell the difference between an office and a P.O. Box?

Even worse, many so called "honest" companies are simply ripping people off and ruining their vacations and business trips. It not only hurts people, it hurts our business as well. We encourage our customers to be vigilant when renting vacation homes in Las Vegas. Take 5 minutes and check the company you are about to rent from. It can make all the difference in the world. Here are some helpful links to begin your research...