Friday, February 26, 2010

City Center Having An Impact on Las Vegas

So, after months of putting it off, we finally made our way down to the new City Center development to have a look at the spanking new jewel of the desert. It's not that we've been avoiding it, actually we've been excited about it and looking forward to the project's completion. We just wanted to wait until enough of it was open to make the trip worthwhile.

Entering the development, one is easily overwhelmed with the massive scale of this place. The towering silvery hotels and condos make for an awe inspiring experience. Even the Wynn, Venetian and MGM pale in comparison to the mammoth City Center.

As we pulled up to the Aria, we were greeted by the typical Las Vegas casino valet in quick fashion. He pointed to a location that seemed a block away as "where you pickup your car", which of course required a trip through the entire Aria casino to get to. So, there's Vegas for you. Any questions?

Clearly, billions have been spent to create this place. Everywhere you look, there is something magnificent to see. Yes, the casino is huge. And yes, there are thousands of slot machines everywhere you look. But beyond all that, the experience of being surrounded by a truly stunning environment, real or not, evokes typical Las Vegas.

What does that mean? It means that Las Vegas is alive and well and still providing the same thing it always has, which only Las Vegas does. An experience of something you simply will not find anywhere else. Something both incredible and unique. Wow is a word that sort of describes it, but not quite. Closer to over the top, and yet, there it is! Real as can be! Like Oz, except you are actually in it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Castillo Roya Available for WSOP

Because of the overwhelming demand, one of our favorite homes, Castillo Roya, has been made available for the World Series of Poker.

Castillo Roya is a wonderful vacation home and a great value. Located directly next to Castillo de Lena, this very large two story home is located is only moments from the South Point Casino and the brand new M Resort. Inside a small development of custom homes, Castillo Roya represents a great opportunity for guests who want to be close to the best of Las Vegas and the main points of interest on the Strip.

For World Series of Poker participants, highway 15 is your main route to the Rio Casino and Hotel from this home, putting the main WSOP event site about 10 minutes away. Castillo Roya offers a great kitchen to accommodate your personal chef. Daily maid and limo services are available as well.

The backyard at Castillo Roya is currently being created and will include and amazing pool and spa, extensive patio with built-in BBQ, excellent privacy and plenty of lounge space, in and out of the sun. Castillo Roya features an upstairs enclosed patio overlook which provides a great view and a wonderful place for private outdoor lounging secluded from the main area.