Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Las Vegas Vacation Rentals With Hotel Services

Most of the time, choosing to stay in vacation home rentals means giving up the features and amenities that one might enjoy from a typical hotel. Simple conveniences are sacrificed for the privacy afforded by the vacation rental.

This might not be a big deal in places like Lake Tahoe or Park City Utah, where the main draw is skiing. But in Las Vegas, giving up the hotel means giving up a lot more than just the restaurants. It also means giving up easy access to shows and tours and information about where to go and what to do in Las Vegas. It means giving up easy access to that all important concierge. The one you can call to get you setup with just about anything you want to do.

After hearing that feedback from our customers, Las Vegas Retreats is now offering the same access to all those things with our excellent Las Vegas vacation home rentals. With the establishment of our new “Services” department, we are providing our customers with the same excellent concierge services one might expect from any of the better Strip hotel casinos.

We can arrange everything from weddings to a romantic flying tours of Las Vegas and Hoover Dam. If you want to race a Ferrari or Lamborghini or even maybe take a shot at some high-flying aerial dog-fighting, they have adventures for almost every budget. You might even discover a side of Las Vegas you never knew existed!