Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have You Heard What Wayne Newton Is Doing To His House?

Las Vegas is one of those places where stars do amazing things with their houses. It's been a tradition in the desert for the rich and famous to have extravagant tastes for homes here, ever since...well...ever. And certainly no star has done more with their Las Vegas property here than Wayne Newton. With everything from penguins to arabian houses, from the classic "Whitehouse" looking mansion to the on site private jet, Wayne has managed to capture the essense of what it means to be rich and famous in Las Vegas.

And now Mr Las Vegas (as the Wayne is known around here) has decided that all that amazing opulence is too much to keep to himself. He has decided to turn his entire estate into a Graceland style tour, complete with penguin petting zoo and a view of the private jet. Soon Las Vegas visitors will be able to see all of it for themselves, and catch a small glimpse of the star's somewhat private lifestyle.

Wayne Newton is a long time resident here, having moved to Las Vegas after his stardom boomed in the sixties. Modeling his act after the likes of Frank and Elvis, Wayne became a Las Vegas legend with his hard working life dedicated to performing on stage. His performances are not only the stuff legends are made of, but they also number in the thousands!

No doubt this will be interesting to watch. As the development continues and Wayne continues to be a powerful force in Las Vegas, he has been able to secure the approvals and right of way to do almost everything he has asked for. Even moving the private jet from McCarran airport to his own backyard and buying the property across the road for parking. This project IS happening. If that there is no doubt. We're hoping it will be a great success. Las Vegas could us one right about now.

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