Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Chance for WSOP Housing And World Series of Poker Rentals

If you are one of the many participants scheduled to appear at the upcoming World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, now is your last chance to book WSOP housing for the tournament. In the next few days, any remaining homes will be opened up to a waiting public for booking as regular vacation rentals.

Pent up demand is tremendous, as most owners and companies have been holding their homes open, hoping to book for the entire six week period. Now with the competition getting close, many of the homes that haven't rented will be made available to non-tournament customers as well.

The truth is that vacation rental customers will actually spend even more than WSOP players, it's just that they do it one or two weeks at a time instead of two months. Players who are still looking for discounts are going to be sorely disappointed. We've heard many stories about how "all the foreclosed homes will make rents cheap in Vegas". This ridiculous logic leaves out one critical point, that banks don't rent homes.

Additionally, it's invalid logic because owners who are in distress cannot also afford to furnish a home and set it up as a vacation rental in the first place. See the Fountainbleu Hotel? See how its 4000 rooms stand empty? It doesn't matter. Rooms at the Wynn and Bellagio are still $550 a night and more.See what we mean?

Consider this fair warning. We love you guys and want you to get a fair deal and a nice home to stay in. Call us in the next few days and get a great deal on a great home and be happy you did!

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