Sunday, February 20, 2011

All Vacation Rentals Are Not The Same

Look Beyond Just Price
So you're looking for a good deal and you've been shopping around for vacation rentals in Las Vegas. Prices seem to vary widely, sometimes by hundreds of dollars or more per night.

But the goal here was to get a good deal, so you choose one that seems reasonable and book it. You feel good about yourself, because you just saved $300 by shopping around a little, and still got a decent 4 bedroom home with a pool and spa only a few minutes from the Strip.

Not Exactly What We Expected
When you arrive to begin your trip, the first thing you notice is that the home seems to be more than a few moments from the Strip. In fact, this neighborhood doesn't seem very welcoming at all and the house doesn't look like the one you booked online. But your code opens the front door, so this must be the place.

As you enter the home and look around, it is clear that this home has not been cleaned well. Surfaces are dusty, furniture is worn and tattered. Decorating is a combination of "whatever was available" and is not at all what was depicted online. When you call to bring this situation to the attention of the vacation rental company, there is no answer.

Swindles Are Nothing New
This situation is all too common in Las Vegas. We're sorry to say that many companies here have been getting away with this behavior for years. Enforcement by local authorities is only done in the most extreme cases.

Customers also have very little recourse with the Better Business Bureau because these companies aren't usually members to begin with. They're listed, usually with an "F" rating, because customers have complained about them. But because they're not members, they don't have to adhere to any customer service practices outlined by the BBB.

In a case like that, all someone can do with the BBB is file a complaint, after the fact, which we do recommend. Even if you can't help yourself, at least you can help save the next unwitting customer from becoming a victim as well.

What Was The Name Of That Company, Again?
Another way companies like to avoid their dark histories is by changing their name. They happily give up the advantage of creating brand recognition in order to tell some fake story about how they were just bought out our merged with any company. What baloney! All they did was replace the logo. They kept the same people, website, and crummy dishonest customer service.

It seems ridiculous to say, but even though complaints are easy to find, people tend not to look until it's too late. Once they've been taken advantage of, then they will go online and confirm the bad news other people tried to tell them about. Ratings matter and complaints matter. There is simply no excuse not to take 5 minutes and do a little research before you send your money to people you don't know. Be careful and considerate when you choose a Las Vegas vacation home rental. Just a little investment before you make the commitment can make all the difference in the world.

And as always, happy travels from Las Vegas Retreats!

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