Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Summer Vacation Rental Deals In Las Vegas Start In Mid July

If you know anything about Las Vegas, then you've no doubt heard of the World Series of Poker. WSOP, as it is effectionaly called, is the annual gathering of the world's best poker players in Las Vegas, and the culmination of weeks of competitions around the world. WSOP will take place at the Rio hotel this year, as it usually does, for all of June and the first half of July.

Now, why should you care about that if you are not a poker player and you are not going to the Rio? Because many of the competitors will be choosing to stay in vacation rentals instead of hotels.

There will be over 10,000 players or more booking Las Vegas vacation home rentals near the Rio. Most importantly, that means if you are hoping to book a home during that period, you are likely to be faced with minimum booking period of a month or more. Most vacation rental companies and homeowners will be unwilling to take anything less.

If your schedule is flexible, consider vacationing in Vegas after mid July and during the second half of the summer. Most people will have completed their vacations by then, and the vacation home prices and selection will be much better then.

If Possible, Come When Homes Are Available Instead
Most of our customers do not come to Las Vegas just because a certain vacation rental home happens to be available. However, if you are flexible you can have a greater selection and a better chance at a discount. Many times you can save money by booking last minute. 

Although this is not exactly the best way to get the exact vacation home you want, it might end up saving you some significant money. In some cases, you might even get a better home than you hoped for at a price lower than you expected to pay in to begin with. However we recommend that you have a back up plan in place should everything be unavailable.

As always, Happy Travels! Best of luck!


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