Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Around In Style From Your Vacation Home Rental

One of the things we've noticed over the years of being in the Las Vegas vacation home rental business is that customers consider it something special. Not only are they coming to Las Vegas, and when isn't that exciting? They are also going to be staying in what is likely to become one of the best parts of the whole trip, and vacation home rental in Las Vegas! Many customers consider the vacation home as the main reason to come, and that the Strip and surrounding excitement, is really just the frosting on the cake.

One way to create a really excellent and memorable experience while in Vegas is to take a limo ride with you and your friends or family. Las Vegas has an incredible selection of limo companies and limousines. There must be hundreds if not thousands of tricked out Hummers and huge GMs tooling around Vegas, giving tourists the time of their lives and an experience they wont soon forget.

At Las Vegas Retreats, we recommend Elite Transportation for limo services. Elite Transportation works with select clients in town like Las Vegas Retreats to create a simple, easy and reliable way to get limo service to and from our vacation home rentals and either the Las Vegas Strip or McCarran Airport. They can also arrange for a Las Vegas tour or even something more extensive if you like.

If you have not tried the Las Vegas limo experience before, we recommend it! And if you are staying in one of our vacation home rentals, be sure to mention the limo experience to your booking agent. They can arrange for your airport pick-up and drop off and even coordinate a limo for a night on the town with up to 20 people per limo!

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