Friday, October 15, 2010

Vacation Home Rentals On The Las Vegas Strip?

When I lived in the Bay Area there was this radio commercial for "Berkeley Farms". At the end of the ad, this voice would say "Farms? In Berkeley? Mooooooo". That's the case with vacation homes on the Las Vegas Strip as well. There are none.

When a customer books with someone else because "they have homes on the Strip", we cringe just a little bit. We know that we've just heard from yet another customer that's been hoodwinked by somebody. It's difficult to lose business because you are honest. But more importantly, it's difficult to watch someone get taken and not be able to do anything about it. All we can really do is keep educating visitors about Las Vegas.

So here is some education about Las Vegas. There are no houses on the Strip. There are some homes located on Las Vegas Blvd., but they are several miles away from the casinos. The area called "the Strip" starts on the south end right about where McCarran airport is. You cannot walk there from ANY vacation rental home unless you are coming to Las Vegas to practice for your next marathon.

There are many vacation home rentals in Las Vegas that are reasonably close to the Strip. For example, a 5 to 10 minute drive or taxi ride away. Vacation rental homes in Green Valley are a great choice, as are those in the South Strip area. A little farther away will afford you newer homes at lower rates, such as the areas of Southern Highlands and Summerlin. There are also vacation homes in the actual City of Las Vegas that are a great choice if you want to experience classic Las Vegas living and be close to the Downtown/Fremont Street area.

Finally, be careful when you rent your vacation home in Las Vegas. If you want an actual home, be prepared to have a way to get to and from the Strip and the other places in the valley as well. Do not plan to walk. It is too far too hot and too dry. Taxis are fine, limos are fine, and both are inexpensive and plentiful in Vegas.

If you are going to be here for more than just a couple days, get a rental car. That would be the least expensive of all the options, and the most flexible. One of the biggest advantages to having a rental car in Las Vegas, is that it opens up the entire area as a possibility. Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and even the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon can all be accessed easily with a rental car. And don't forget, valet parking is free in Las Vegas!

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