Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 International CES Consumer Electronics Show

CES has come and gone again from Las Vegas. This year we saw over 140,000 visitors to the annual convention. A substantial increase from last years' 120,000 and further proof that the economy is continuing to improve, albeit slower than everyone wants it too.

January is a busy month at Las Vegas Retreats. Not only with the week long Consumer Electronics Show, but also the World of Concrete, the Concrete and Masonry Construction Event in Las Vegas.

As always, we recommend vacation home rentals over hotel lodging for these shows, and for numerous reasons. None the least of which is the flexibility afforded by vacation home rentals, but also the substantial savings in time money and exasperation of constantly waiting in line for everything.

Our regular guests will attest to the fact that staying in vacation homes during the convention provides a quiet respite away from the crowds and the ability to digest the days events. Many return customers look forward to their annual stay and refer to it as more of a working vacation than a business trip.

We want to thank our guests for being loyal to Las Vegas Retreats and for making this an excellent beginning to the annual convention season. We appreciate it very much.

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