Saturday, February 20, 2010

Should You Rent A Car With Your Vacation Home?

One of the key questions that comes up for anyone considering a vacation home rental in Las Vegas is, what to do about getting around? Is it better to just call for a taxi or limo when you need one, or to spring for a car rental and have the convienience of transportation any time you need it? Not surprisingly, the answer depends on why you are coming to Las Vegas.

For the most part, vacation home rentals tend to be near enough to the Strip so that either option is viable. Taxis are plentiful in Vegas, and it's easy enough to find limos of every size and capacity. So it's feasible for many visitors to use taxis and limos to get around during their stay.

This is an especially good option for groups, and for those who plan to endulge while out on the town. In fact, even if you do rent a car, hire a ride if you're going to drink. Las Vegas is like any other town with DUI enforcement, you do not want to get caught driving under the influence.

However for many, if not most, a rental car is going to be the best option to accompany your vacation home rental. Las Vegas is a town literally filled with entertainment and recreation options both on and off the Strip. Having a rental car means easy access to those destinations, whenever you are ready.

Keeping in mind that even the busiest casinos offer free valet parking, a car rental is also probably the best overall value. In the current economy, deals are plentiful. It's easy to justify the cost of a daily rental if you need any more than two trips anywhere in a single day.

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