Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vacation Home Rentals Are Not Traditional Home Rentals

It seems obvious, and yet many people don't really consider all the differences when renting a vacation property versus a traditional home rental. This is true of the home itself and of the entire process as well. The nature of the vacation rental process is entirely different all the way through.

First of all, a vacation home in Las Vegas has to be near the Strip. As the main draw in Vegas, the Strip is the place most people want to visit when they come here. So whereas a traditional renter might be fine with being 20 minutes from the Bellagio, a vacation renter wants to be as close as reasonably possible. They are planning on making several trips to miracle mile during their stay, so they do not want to drive too far.

Additionally, the home most provide as "hotel like" readiness. This means that all the lights and power are on as well as the cable TV and Internet access. The home must have a private pool and preferably a spa, as well as a room that can be called a "game room". Ideal homes have bathrooms connected to every bedroom, and also give the guest feeling of privacy and exclusivity.

None of these things are important to a traditional renter. Even if they are looking for a furnished home, they are likely showing up with more than a suitcase full of clothes and ready to sign on for all the utilities. This is not at all the same customer and not at all the same market. Traditional renters are not travelers. Plain and simple.

This is why Las Vegas Retreats specializes in servicing the vacation rental and corporate housing markets. The customers who come to us want to know that our homes are ready to use, have all the features to make for a great vacation, and are located close to almost everything they want to see and do in Las Vegas. That's exactly what we provide, and that is exactly what our customers get.

There are plenty of good real estate companies in Las Vegas who represent excellent rental homes of almost every type and price. And none of them provides 24 hour customer service. None of them has a cleaning crew to perform a top to bottom cleaning between every guest. None of them acclimatizes homes or heats the pool for incoming guests, or makes sure that everything is working the way it is supposed to.

Of course we are biased. But it's mostly from operating the business for so long and discovering all the differences for ourselves. When you are looking for a great vacation home rental that actually is one, call Las Vegas Retreats. It is our business!

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