Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Family Friendly Solution to Las Vegas

Okay, who wants their kids in the casino? Am I right? Smoking and drinking are not great family values to instill in the little ones. And let's face it, the pool is a mile from your room. It always is! That's why we recommend the logical alternative, a vacation home rental.

In Las Vegas vacation home rentals near the Strip you can enjoy the fantastic Las Vegas weather, have some safety and security for the family, and not have to share the pool with 600 guests. Get that? No more marking your loungers with towels and sunscreen at 6am. And a really nice part about staying in a vacation home is that you save money on food by not eating out all the time. No waiting in line and no making reservations. Eat your food whenever you want!

We find that many families come to Vegas as a group. Mom and dad bring not only the kids, but grandma and grandpa as well. Everyone has a great time and the adults get to play as well. It's the perfect thing for reunions and weddings, and for the annual summer get together. Talk about Family Friendly Las Vegas!

So which sounds like more fun...gather up everyone from their rooms for the $29.95 buffet with 300 people in line, or firing up the BBQ for some home cooked burgers? All by your own swimming pool? With everyone having a great time away from all the congestion?

If you haven't tried a family vacation this way before, you really should. Many people swear by it, and do it year after year. It seems like once you've done it, you don't know why you hadn't done it before.