Thursday, March 17, 2011

At Least They Tell You Up Front That They Might Be Lying

The top of the page says "Get What You See, No Funny Business" but the fine print at the bottom says "By entering and viewing this site, you are waiving XXXXXX XXXXX LLC of any liability associated with any factual misrepresentation.". In other words, if you find out we lied, you can't hold it against us.

Sigh.... You know, when I was a kid, one of the first things I learned was to be wary of used car salesmen. My dad always said, "they will say just about anything to sell you a car". This was good advice, and as we all know, it isn't really just used car salesmen we have to watch out for. It's more a way of doing business to watch out for.

The goal is clearly to "Get your money!" and not "Earn Your Trust". But the truth is the opposite. Not only is the real goal to get your money, but these companies don't provide any real value at all. In many cases somebody decided to just setup a website and try to resell what is already available elsewhere directly from the owner or manager. Where is the value added? There isn't any!

Surely Las Vegas is just one of those places that attracts businesses that like to push the limits. Frequently that means pushing it beyond what is ethical and fair. And even more than that, they push it to the point of saying "we might be lying to you, so don't be surprised if you find that out". So even though they might be telling you how fair they are, they're covering their tracks just in case.

Friends, this is nonsense. The question isn't about whether someone is accurate or not. The question is, why state up front that your main attribute is accuracy, and then say you can hold it against is if we are not accurate? You can't have it both ways. And shame on you as a customer if you let this slip past you.

Look, it's not easy to deliver a great product. It takes a team of people who are dedicated to making it happen. And this is where accuracy comes in. When you run a company the way it's supposed to be run, not only do you know every single thing about your vacation homes and condos, but you know their up to the minute status as well. You don't have to tell customers "Well, the owners told us it was working" or "We didn't know there was a rodent problem" or the all time favorite "The water heater broke and caused flooding damage, so we had to move you".

One other little tidbit to consider is this, when you have great Las Vegas vacation rental homes then you don't need to over-represent them or lie about what they offer. You can simply let them stand on their own with what they really are and what they really offer. And you, the customer who is spending your money for the privilege of using them, can rest assured that what you see is really going to be what you get.

Happy Travels!