Sunday, May 14, 2017

Let The Vacation Butler Help You Travel Well!

The Vacation ButlerWhen was the last time you got great information the locals about where you're going? Now you can get that kind of great advice from a reliable website too! The Vacationj Butler is a great source of travel information provided in a blog format with personal feel and flare. You'll love the fun and friendly advice and the real honesty of the opinions given. Nothing is paid for here!

Great Travel Advice & Fun Stories Too

Everything is posted because the subbys enjoyed it (or didn't) and want you to know all about their experience. We recommand The Vacation Butler for travel advice, especially for Las Vegas travel and travel internationally too. We especially enjoy the site and hope you do too!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

WSOP Is Almost Here Again!

Well, just like every year in the recent past, here comes the World Series of Poker again! And also like every year before, for sure we're going to book all of our WSOP vacation rentals and probably wont be able to satisfy all the demand. We recommend early booking, but, most players who want homes wait until almost the last minute anyway.

Book For WSOP Now!

If you're coming to WSOP 2017, either as a participant or as part of the event, we recommend you book now. Almost all our available homes are already booked and we are almost sold out!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Is This The Most Amazing Vacation Rental In Vegas?

When it comes to finding a vacation home rental in Las Vegas, many people look for something out of the ordinary. Instead of the standard home with places to cook and to sleep, many Vegas visitors want their vacation rental to enhance the visit and to allow them to experience something beyond what they may typically experience. The thinking is, "Why leave all the fun at the strip? Why can't our vacation home be just as much fun?". This is why we are always looking to find homes that are unique and uniquely situated to deliver an experience that is convenient to all the fun Vegas offers, but also offers its own amenities and features that make it a destination unto itself. And when it comes to delivering on those things, our vacation rental The Sedona Estate is exactly what the doctor ordered for just such an occasion.
Two Acres Of Private Space
It's simply unheard of to find this much private space in Las Vegas anymore and they do not build them like this one. This home is all about playing like a Las Vegas bigwig and having everything to show for it. Six bedrooms four bathrooms and space space space! You simply will not believe how there is to do and enjoy in this incredible home. Not only does the home offer plenty to do inside, but you'll enjoy your own massive and completely private swimming pool, but you'll also have your own private regulation sized tennis court as well. Amazing!
Beyond all this is an open fire pit and a very large gazebo for entertaining outdoors. There is ample space on the property for guests to find privacy and for up to 13 guests to enjoy space of their own.
Want Some Strip Excitement?
One of the best features of the home is its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip. Even though you have almost two acres of privacy and are located in a quiet family oriented neighborhood, the Sedona Estate is only a short drive to the center of the Strip. The most exciting and well known casinos are literally just down the road.

This home is available to book now. We recommend claiming your dates well in advance as the home is likely to be booked solid throughout the year. This will be especially true around summer vacation time when the World Series of Poker comes to town and all the vacation homes in Vegas become super popular and pricey. We recommend booking at least 90 days in advance. For best luck getting your dates, be ready to book six months in advance or be ready to move your dates.

As always, Happy Traveling!