Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comparing Hotel Value to Professional Vacation Rentals

One of the things we always strive for at Las Vegas Retreats is professionalism. We are well aware that once a customer chooses to venture away from the familiarity of the Strip, they are also more likely to experience a drop in the quality of service. Realistically, this should not come as a big surprise. There is a vast difference between operating a hotel and operating a vacation rental.

By combining the vacation home experience with excellent customer service, our customers get the best of both worlds. They enjoy the privacy and quiet of the vacation home rental without having to sacrifice the hotel customer service. With our company, customers enjoy the best of both worlds. Unmatched privacy and great service too!

The value comes down to what matters most for each customer. However, we find that most of our customers appreciate the value well beyond what even the best hotels and casinos offer. Consider the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay, which weekend rates souring to $400 and more for a single room. With one of our luxury rentals at barely $200 more per night, as many as 80 to 10 guests can share a wonderful home and have it all to themselves. Five or six couples can stay in luxury for the price of one and a couple or two and have total privacy as well.