Monday, December 31, 2012

WSOP Housing - Renting Homes for World Series of Poker Lodging

Here it comes! The rush to book the best available homes for WSOP is about to get underway. If you're one of the many thousands of participants coming to Las Vegas for the annual World Series of Poker, then you are probably also one of the potential customers for a home to rent for WSOP. Fear not! We are here to help. Below you will find some of the best ways to secure of good home for the tournament, and some of the really poor ways to get a "good" deal.

What If I Don't Mention WSOP?

Las Vegas is a place where deal making is king. Probably nowhere else in the world, except maybe Hong Kong and Wall Street, has the art of negotiation been mastered as it has in Vegas. So keep that in mind when you come looking for a nice home to rent for WSOP. Owners and vacation rental management companies know well and good that the tournament is the big money making period of the year. Don't expect to hoodwink any naive owners to get a low price. It's not going to happen. They know very well why you are calling about a six week booking that starts June 1st. You'll be one of many calls they get exactly the same dates. See what we mean? Be realistic with your expectations and don't start off your search assuming we wont know why you are calling.

Where Should I Rent A Home For WSOP?

As usual, the World Series of Poker is going to be held at the Rio Casino Hotel. You will want to rent a home for WSOP that is as close to the Rio as possible. The best choices are going to put you within 10 to 15 minutes of the event. The worse choices will put you as far as 45 minutes away depending on the day of the week. Remember, you are here for about 6 weeks. We recommend homes in Southern Highlands, Green Valley and Henderson as well as Summerlin and Spring Valley on the west side. All of those areas are either close to begin with or have great access to the event via major highways and boulevards.

How Much Should I Pay For Good WSOP Lodging?

The answer to that question is really up to you. There is a great list of homes to rent for WSOP on our website that already includes everything in the prices. You can see up front what you will pay for your rental, how far the home is from the tournament, the size of the home, the capacity and number of bedrooms. You can also preview each home on our website and book directly by calling when you are ready. All rentals for WSOP housing must be booked over the phone due popularity of the period and demand for homes  We expect a complete sell out as usual.

Good luck in your search. Visit us and call today to make the whole thing easy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Las Vegas Tours and Adventures

Las Vegas Concierges has added more Las Vegas tours and adventures to its already lengthy list of exciting excursions! The new additions offer options suitable for the entire family and for almost every budget. Some of the tours included on the list are brand new to Las Vegas and others have been updated and redone for this every changing town. We recommend checking the list often for the latest information.

It is interesting to see what can happen when creative minds collude to manifest something unique and compelling. Take for example the new Grand Canyon tour which is a combination of a helicoptor ride to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon combined with a guided Harley Davidson Motorcycle tours of points of interest along the southern rim.

Or perheps you would like to stay closer to town and keep the budget more conservative? No problem! Check out many of the free or nearly free activities on the list that are perfect for families and travelers on a budget. Many excellent adventures exist right here in town and even more are only a short drive away.

Some nearby natural wonders offer excellenbt choices, such as the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon. Thos willing to drive a bit will find even more amazing destinations, such as Death Valley, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, located in southern Utah. All of these incredible natural wonders are suitable for families and an excellent way to spend a day adventuring around Las Vegas.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Where To Take The Family When In Las Vegas

We get calls all the time from families coming to Las Vegas looking for fun and safe places to take the kids. They want something that wont break the bank just for a few house of enjoyment, and yet provides something new and different from the same old Strip. To make this an easy task for parents, we have compiled and excellent list of great activities for families with children coming to Las Vegas.

As parents, we understand what it means to find something that's not too far out of the way, is fun, doesn't cost a lot, and will be something everyone in the family can enjoy. Now surely the Las Vegas strip offers a lot of great activities for kids and some cool places to visit too.

But just a few miles from the main casinos is a virtual plethora of adventures waiting to be discovered. Our list Las Vegas for Kids is our list of the best possible choices for family outings. You'll find everything from free to nearly free and all of the adventures listed are wholesome and fun for the whole family. Be sure to check it regularly as the list is updated constantly to keep pace with our ever changing town.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Make The Las Vegas Experience Something Really Special

For most visitors coming to Las Vegas, searching for a place to stay means finding something on the Strip. Not surprisingly, because the Strip is where most of the excitement is happening. But not everyone wants to be in the middle of all that noise and congestion. A growing number of visitors are searching for more than just neon lights and spinning bars. They're searching for those Las Vegas dreams of luxury. Our beautiful Las Vegas vacation home rentals offer exactly that. Las Vegas Retreats vacation rentals offer visitors many advantages. Not only private pools and spas, but also the excitement of Las Vegas Strip. Most of our rentals are located only a few minutes from the miracle mile casinos.

Our vacation homes feature private pools and spas and game rooms as well. With plenty of space for you and your guests. Our homes are professionally maintained and include excellent customer service. Las Vegas Retreats has focused on the actual customer. With all the advantages of vacation rental homes, actual customer service and an excellent concierge as well, customers will enjoy an experience unique in Las Vegas.

Many customers are likely to find themselves spoiled by the privacy and the exclusive nature of having their own vacation home rental. For many the experience will be utterly new. It will likely become an experience that visitors want to duplicate on every visit.

Las Vegas Retreats is a leading vacation home rental company in Las Vegas. Founded in 2004, they maintain offices directly on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Retreats offers quality vacation homes near all Las Vegas POIs. Las Vegas Retreats is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and the Las Vegas Hospitality Association.

For more information contact us today! (702) 944-9978.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Concierge Service Beyond Shows Tours And Limos

Many visitors will come to Las Vegas without ever considering the advantages of a vacation rental home over the typical strip casino hotel rooms. But for many, Las Vegas vacation rentals are the biggest secret around for having the greatest Las Vegas experience possible. As opposed to the many other options available, vacation home rentals offer a level of privacy not easily found elsewhere. To make that experience even more special,  you can add professional Las Vegas Concierge Services. By working with our outstanding team of professional concierges, you can have an experience unlike any other.

Our Las Vegas Concierge Service is available for our vacation rental customers, Las Vegas visitors and locals alike. They offer the same quality of service (or better!) that someone would hope for from the better hotels and casinos in town. A level of service sometimes only available to high rollers is now available to almost anybody.  Even without losing a bunch of money on the tables, you can be treated like royalty. Visitors do not need to sacrifice concierge services simply because they are staying in vacation rentals instead of hotel rooms.

Our concierge services are suitable for both business and leisure travelers. We offer everything would expect from a good Las Vegas concierge, including everything from shows, tours and transportation, to event planning and coordination. By providing a full menu of services, Las Vegas Concierges can help visitors and guests make the most of their available time and resources.

Call Today 702 944-9388.

Friday, March 23, 2012

When To Find Great Summer Vacation Values In Las Vegas

Here it comes! Can you feel it yet? Summer is approaching! The scent of coconut oil and palm butter will soon fill the air and coat the surface of Las Vegas pools once again. Visitors are starting to plan their summer vacation in Las Vegas now, and getting ready to reserve a special vacation home just for the occasion. Hopefully one that has a really nice pool for the hot days and nights in this desert paradise. If you happen to be one of those visitors, here are a few things to keep in mind when booking your vacation home rental in Las Vegas.

Book Dates After July 15th.

If you're looking to get the best possible rates on good vacation homes, it is better to wait until after July 15 for your visit. This is because many of the vacation homes in Las Vegas are going to be booked for participants in the World Series of Poker for all of June and the first half of July. Because of this busy period, many homes will be expensive to book or simply unavailable.

Be Careful Who You Book With

Take some time to check the credentials of the owner or company you are booking with. Vacation rental fraud is unfortunately common in Las Vegas and you could end up without your home at the last minute. One common ruse is for an owner to take a short booking for their home, and then take a longer one if that happens to come along later on. This leaves you, the original renter without the home you booked and back at square one for accommodations. You'll know you've been had when they say "water damage" is the reason they have to cancel.

In short, be careful who you book with and be sure to look at later in summer for the best deals. As always, we hope you have a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas. We want you to make the most of it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Las Vegas Event Locations

Looking to provide a new solution for an ever present problem, Las Vegas Event Locations has opened a new website to showcase the best private home solutions available for events in Las Vegas. By combining the best available homes in one easy location, and by adding the expertise and experience of Las Vegas concierge and event planning services, this is a website that really dials into the need rather than how to spend a lot of money.

Las Vegas is a place where the choices for events are as varied as the people who come here. Just a quick glance at the landscape reveals one inescapable fact, most of the advertised solutions are both expensive and confining. In fact many of the strip casinos almost act like the resent your business. Their solutions are generic and utilitarian and many of their rules are dictatorial.

Las Vegas Event Locations helps people avoid these problems by using solutions that are away from the Strip, and yet close enough to be convenient. Excellent solutions that not only offer tremendous costs savings and the flexibility of using your vendors and entertainment, but also provide character and uniqueness as well. Check their new website before your Las Vegas event and create something truly unique and memorable.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Amazing Year Ahead For Las Vegas

We've been feeling it for quite some time now. Months maybe. There is something in the air and it feels really good. It's that feeling that change is coming, and it's change we can all appreciate. Las Vegas, like the rest of the country and much of the world, has been under the pall of slow economy for several years now. And although our particular industry, FUN!, is never completely our of style. Still, nobody spends as much or feels as free to enjoy themselves when money is tight and good jobs are hard to come by.

Now with 2012 here, it seems as though the air is changing. Here and in other places too. Las Vegas just enjoyed one of its biggest New Years Eve celebrations ever. Caesars Palace had so many bookings that they opened their new tower months in advance to accommodate the guests. And not only is occupancy up, room rates are too. The crux of all this is that there has been a steady increase in visitors to Las Vegas over the last few months, and they are bringing along more money to spend.

This is a resilient town with a long history of good times and bad. Las Vegas is legendary as both a place of new beginnings and sad endings as well. Movies and novels have told the stories for years. Those of us who live here know all too well the cycles of life and the ebb and flow of our living. And now it looks like the flow is towards the positive again. We are all very excited to see what happens here in the next year. We are ready for it and we know you are too!

Happy New Year from Las Vegas Retreats. We hope 2012 will be your best year ever and we wish you great success and the best of luck in Las Vegas.