Monday, December 19, 2011

The Guide to Family Friendly Las Vegas

For many people coming to Las Vegas, there is the additional headache of what to do with the kids when you are here. Around the world, this is known as an adult Disneyland, not the one that was made for families. And yet over the years Las Vegas has worked to broaden its appeal to a wider market that includes families with children of all ages.

Since the original boom times of the 50's and 60's, Las Vegas has always been a place where adults came to be adults. Much of that included leaving the kids back home, and having a little R and R that included gambling and drinking and maybe some smoking too.

Oh, who are we kidding??? Everybody smoked back then! But these days parents are looking for a different Las Vegas. One that is more suitable for the whole family. They can find it too!

Where to Look for Las Vegas For Kids?

By looking at sites like, parents can now easily find the best options for lodging, entertainment and adventures in Las Vegas and know right away what to do with their families.

We established this great website a few years ago to make it easier for our customers to discover more about the kid side of Las Vegas. Now it is better than ever, with all new information and "Kid Ratings" too, so parents can see right away what is most suitable for their families. is a great website guide, showing all the latest kid shows, destinations, ratings and opinions on just about all the major attractions for children and kids in Las Vegas. It also sports information on some of the lessor known destinations in and near to Las Vegas that many visitors might otherwise have no idea at all about. Be sure to stop by and check out this great website before you make your next family vacation to Las Vegas.

As always, Happy Travels from Las Vegas Retreats!