Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Real Cost Of Not Renting a Vacation Home

We often ask customers who don't end up renting a vacation home, what did you do instead and why? Much of the time they say "We rented 4 hotel rooms instead, because they gave us such a good deal". And after all, who can blame them? Everybody wants to save money. So do we. However, one problem with this particular method of saving money is that is does not actually work.

Most people who opt for hotel rooms instead of a vacation rental, fail to consider the real cost. For example, once you choose a hotel room, you are automatically relegated to eating out for every single meal. When you add up the costs over the course of even a few days, times 4 couples, the additional cost for food alone can easily be $2000 or more.

Another cost that most people fail to consider is the cost of entertainment. In a vacation home, you have access to many entertainment activities that simply are not an option at the hotel. Of course, hotels in Las Vegas typical include a casino down stairs, and if you win, then it's no cost at all. But for actual free entertainment, nothing beats a vacation home rental.

The next time you consider the value of a vacation home versus a group of hotel rooms, remember that you'll be doing more than just sleeping. There are a whole host of factors effected by your decision. Those factors can have a dramatic effect on the value you receive for your investment.

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