Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving On Summer Vacation Home Rentals

It's that time of year again when we start getting inquiries for next summer. I know, I know, many of you are saying "But it's still so early!". True, but lots of folks like to plan and make arrangements early in order to get the best deals and selection.

We are already getting inquiries and reservations for late in the year. So with that in mind, here are a few money saving tips that will help you early birds, and everyone else, to get the most for your money.

Avoid Early Summer Dates
The rush starts on the last day of school. This is the time when the majority of travelers book their vacations. Therefore, it is also one of the more expensive times of the year.
If your schedule is flexible, consider making your way to Vegas during the latter part of the summer. Most people have already completed their Vegas vacations by then, and the prices and selection will be much better.

Avoid WSOP Tournament
Although dates have yet to be announced, the World Series of Poker is likely to be held in Las Vegas during the same period as before
. Our best guess is that the tournament will run from May 29 through mid July.
Our vacation homes are likely to be filled with poker players during this period, and many renters will hold their homes open to keep them available for the longer tournament related bookings.
Flexible Dates Get the Best Deal
Most of our customers
book homes for when they are coming to town. Most do not come to town just because a certain home happens to be available. However, if you can be flexible in that way, you can not only have more selection, you also have a better chance at a discount.
If you see a home you like, check the calender for open periods first. Then give us a call and tell us you can be flexible if it will save you money. Much of the time, it will.

Flexible Homes Get Good Deals Too
One way to save money is to allow us to pick a home for you. By allowing us the flexibility to choose the best option based on what is available when you
're arriving, you can not only save a few dollars, you may actually end up with a more luxurious home than the one you would have originally chosen.

Last Minute Discounts
Many times it is possible to save money by booking within a few days of your arrival. Although this is not the best way for get the exact home you want, you might save a few dollars by checking for last minute openings. If you choose this method, just be sure you have a back up plan in case everything is booked.

Watch For Our Special Offers
Las Vegas Retreats frequently runs specials on certain homes and periods of time. Be sure you watch for discounts that might match your plans. You could save as much as 20% or more depending on the type of home you want and when you are coming to town.

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